Sliding fire door (Auto/Semi-Auto)




  1. A simple pneumatic cylinder structure that the speed and open/close pressure can be adjusted, which is used effectively for the place with high frequency of open/close in the narrow space. Like auto door, the upper operator is basically mounted at factory before releasing.
  2. The depth of door frame and fire prevention has bee improved and even in maintaining the silence.
  3. The door frame and door are products composed of steel and manufactured by non-welding assembly method.



Basic drawing of sliding semi-auto door





Sliding semi-auto door


  • Semi-auto sliding door using special closed hydraulic cylinder can be used with small open/close force and keep silent indoor as it does not generate the noise.
  • Available to adjust the speed of close section (closed at right-side)


When opening the door, it will be closed automatically.

Light-weighted and excellent silence indoor allows the safe and sanitary open/close and easy operation and convenient maintenance.



※ No dead space compared with the swing door, which enables to use 10% wider space.



Construction case of sliding auto door (semi-auto)




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