Company Profile

‘MAMAEDEN DOOR, the Great’

MAMAEDEN DOOR challenges toward new dream.


MAMAEDEN DOOR announced newly the vision of ‘MAMAEDEN DOOR, the Great‘ with strong will for future growth.


We will become an enterprise who will be respected by all over the world by cultivating new growth engine and providing new value based on the fire door.


MAMAEDEN DOOR under the vision of ‘MAMAEDEN DOOR, the Great‘ will create the value beyond the profit based on better product and service, corporate citizenship and communication with the persons concerned and furthermore contribute to coexistence and prosperity of human society.



Great Voyager

MAMAEDEN DOOR spreads the business stage to all over the world.


MAMAEDEN DOOR will extend its field of activity wherever there are customers, market, opportunity and future in the world to jump up as a real global player.


In the Eurasian region from East Europe to Far-East Asia, and in Northern America region connecting from North America to South Americal, we will extend the fire door business to solidify the global leadership and furthermore, improve the frontier field to Africa, Siberia, South Pole and North Pole where rich in raw materials and resources, in order to secure new future competitiveness.




Great Workplace

MAMAEDEN DOOR realizes the advance family management system.


MAMAEDEN DOOR is establishing a world class family management system harmonized with reliability, communication, innovation and synergy.


We intend to realize the ‘Smart Workplace’ which is the basis of creation of new value and also establish the new marketing image that leads the success of customer as well as equip the technology discovery system to extend future growth engine.

In addition, we are practicing the sharing for mutual reliability and together growth and win-win management and taking the lead in fulfilling the social responsibility sincerely as corporate citizen.




Great People

MAMAEDEN DOOR pursues the growth of company and individual employee at the same time.


MAMAEDEN DOOR aims at the same goal by the vision of company and the vision of employees.

We establish and practice the individual vision of employees ‘My Vision’ and provide the differentiated long-life education program such as e-learning etc and form the happy workplace buying college papers online where the enterprise culture of reliability and communication, work and life can be in harmony and support the employees actively so that they can grow as the knowledge worker who have the ownership and creativity.


The excellent human resources who spread their abilities in the world and realize their dream with us will surely open new tomorrow of MAMAEDEN DOOR.



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