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Sliding auto door



  1. The upper operator is mounted basically which gives the convenient delivery/procedure and reduces the construction process and time.
  2. To compliment the weakness of the existing sliding auto door for draft/insulation, the mohair gasket is mounted in double and designed as the structure advantageous to fire protection due to deep threshold of door frame.
  3. The auto seal that operates when opening/closing the door is mounted on the bottom of door which blocks the inflow of dust or draft from the bottom.
  4. No-welding attachment method of MAMAEDEN DOOR can solve the inconvenience caused by welding and at the same allow the clean and fast construction and avaiable to manufacture with any kind of steel materials (color stainless/aluminum/color steel sheet)



Construction examples of sliding auto door





Basic drawing of sliding auto door

Basically, single type and double type. The detailed specification will be provided by the staff in charge.





Applications of various color materials

The only assembly method of MAMAEDEN DOOR, non-welding method allows clean assembly for any materials and also available to apply various color steel sheet and color stainless.

The image below is the example of catalogue and when you place an order, please contact our staff to discuss.





Structure and function of operator

* Auto returning function

If objects or person interrupt the operation when opening/closing the auto door, this function allows the door return or stop to improve the safety for humans and machines at the same time by dividing objects and person.


* P.I.D SERVO control calibration function

This function allows to select P.I.D SERVO as control speed method of door and find the correct location and calibrate it regardless of extension of belt or slip phenomena and finally maintain the optimal condition of door all the times.


* The function to open in case of emergency

Available to open the door automatically by backup power despite of fire or power failure (Option)





* Improvement of construction convenience

Available to set the position of all operators freely which satisfies several conditions of function setting. In addition, the function of wireless touch receiver and safety beam is built in the control to improve the convenience of field construction.


* Simple function setting by remote control operation

Available to adjust all function setting required for auto door by digital volume and if necessary, available to maintain easily by remote control.



Option (type and location of various switches)





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